SA Gaming provides one-stop service to fit the needs of different businesses. Our experienced and professional development team is here to offer all-rounded technical support to our partners in any time from integration to operation.

Product Customisation

SA Gaming customises its products to fit different market and every partner’s unique business needs. No matter which markets you are tapping into, SA Gaming is always your partner to create success with.
Our products are localised for various markets with multi-language: English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai. Apart from HTML5 version, SA Gaming’s products are also in Flash version which is more preferred in some Southeast Asian markets.
SA Gaming offers Common Wallet API to facilitate hassle-free gaming experience to players. With Common Wallet API implemented in your website, your players are going to have one unified credit balance in their accounts no matter how many platforms they play at your operation site.
No hassle, full of fun. Also, Independent Wallet API is also available at your choice.

Formidable Network Security

Security is our core value to partners and players.
Higher level of security is powered by secure infrastructure design and development philosophy across all SA Gaming products. We implement Anti-DDoS and intrusion detection protecting system in our secure data centre to ensure the highest possible security level.
All of this is managed through a secure API gateway infrastructure that is proprietary encrypted.

Application Support Service

SA Gaming works with your developer, management and staff to seamlessly integrate our software into your existing system. With the use of API integration, operators can maintain the highest level of security and privacy of their data.

24/7 Technical Support

SA Gaming technical support team is on standby 24 hours a day. Anytime, anywhere, efficient and timely support services can be provided to operators, that guaranteeing smooth operation and stability.

Strong Backend Infrastructure

Our real-time Back Office system helps efficiently track operator’s website performance. The intuitive UI design and the sophisticated system functionalities simplify operator’s management efforts into a few clicks. Our management system offers:

  • • Transaction Report
  • • Financial Report
  • • Membership Management
  • • Cashier Management
  • • Risk Management
  • • Configurable Settings
  • • Real-time Surveillance
  • • Approval Tree
  • • Report System