SA Gaming - E-Games


We offer an array of E-Games created with a refreshing blend of Asian myths and stories with cutting-edge technology. The suite brings the widest selection of Asian-themed slot games, mini games and the truly-immersive sexy model slot games, delivering a unique gaming experience that players can enjoy. What is more enticing is that multiple games can be enjoyed all at once with the powerful multi-windows feature!


New slot games with diverse themes and types are introduced from time to time, playable on mobile devices. These artfully designed games surely give players an unforgettable gaming experience.

Prosperity Tree

Red Chamber

Zombie Hunter

Volley Beauties

Angels & Demons

Beckoning Girls

Cheung Po Tsai

Golden Chicken

Ji Gong

Fruit Poppers

Tropical Treasure

Diamond Crush

Bikini Chaser

Wong Fei Hung

North South Lions

Red Dragon

Funny Farm

The Guard

Innocent Classmates

Fantasy Goddness

Dragon Tiger

Creepy Cuddlers

Three Star God

New Year Rich


Havoc In Heaven

Saint of Mahjong

Mini Games

Embedded Mini games create an even more engaging gaming experience for players. In between rounds of live games, players, with simple few clicks, can bet on the outcome of dices or playing cards.