Thank you for participating in our Christmas Sweepstake! Our Santa has delivered loads of gifts to the players during the campaign period. If you saw a bunch of Christmas gifts falling from the top of the window while playing game, you are one of the lucky winners!

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【Christmas Sweepstake Lucky Winners List】
  • ****2888
  • ****0717
  • ****oen8414
  • ****sayyy999
  • ****b039
  • ****nfugou
  • ****wy112233
  • ****ptmdhkdlvl
  • ****attboy0413
  • ****3310
  • ****bgksdkemd
  • ****w9198
  • ****sgmsg12
  • ****im0206f
  • ****hxp6128
  • ****imrich2
  • ****y661716
  • ****l0351
  • ****youngmo03
  • ****391
  • ****rt11111
  • ****jying
【Game rules】
【Gift box】

Players might come across with gift boxes in different colors. Each color of gift boxes represents a different cash value and the cash values vary from 888 to 88,888.

【PC version】

Play now to win exciting prizes!

【Mobile version】

Available on iOS and Android