Lottery is our home-grown product developed with ground-breaking technology. The draw is held at 30-min interval from 10 am to 10 pm every day. The whole course is livestreamed in real time and supervised by independent adjudicators to ensure fairness. A beautiful presenter will also be around to make the game more enjoyable together with numerous fun ways to play!

Single Bet

Single Bet is the simplest way to make an entry by placing a single bet on 6 different numbers from 1 to 48.

Multiple Bets

Players will select as many number balls as they like from 1 to 48 to make multiple entries of 6 different number balls from the numbers selected. For example, if 8 numbers are selected, players will make multiple bets on the 28 combinations formed by 6 different numbers out of the 8 selected numbers.

Quick Pick

Quick Pick is for the players who do not feel like picking numbers by themselves. Players will only need to decide on the betting method and let the system generate a random set of numbers to finish the bet.

Novelty Betting

Other than original entry, players can also place their bets on colors of drawn number, Hi/Lo and Odd/Even