Dedicated Tables

Our studios provide dedicated tables for our prestigious clients to create infinite business opportunities. With customised studio backgrounds, tables and uniforms, these bespoke tables offer premium gaming experience for your players.

Branded Design Elements

Every physical element can be branded: cards, dealers' uniforms, table cloths. You can also modify items like tablet screens, in-game interface to make your brand stand out.

Customised Unique Backgrounds

There is a wide variety of backgrounds – both physical backdrops and green screen backgrounds – for our clients to choose from. You can choose to have your logo displayed, along with branded interior design elements.

Choice of Opening Hours

The dedicated tables can have their opening hours subject to your needs. You can also schedule a VIP session for your table restricted to special functions and campaigns.

Tailor-made Campaigns

With dedicated tables, together we can plan for tailor-made campaigns specially belonged to your brand. From membership programmes to lucky spins, you can have your own promotion campaigns to attract new players and establish player loyalty.