We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for paying a visit to our booth during ICE 2017. Discussions were brief yet more than constructive, enabling us to have a better understanding on the whole industry. With your invaluable support, we shall go even further, providing players with better gaming experience, eventually aiding the growth of businesses in the long term. We wish the best of you and, at the same time, look forward to future co-operation prospect.

The great ICE 2017 show has ended. During the 3-day exhibition, we offered not only a full-range showcase of gaming products, but also stunning performances for our guests from all over the world.

Now what we have for you is the highlight video clip for the show. We look forward to meeting you in coming exhibitions :)

If the video clip didn't work, please click here: http://bit.ly/2oQeibw

Stunning! Like glittering stars in the dark sky, the SA Gaming showgirl duo presented a string of dazzling moves for our guests’ entertainment.

Let’s give these lovely ladies a big hand!

<Video - Setting up canopy>

We are making a good progress in setting up the booth at N6-340, thanks to the good team work performed by fellow workers.

Take a look at our canopy, which was rising slowly under technician’s control.

Perfect show. Perfect place. Perfect people.

Debuting in such a big show is never an easy job, yet we have managed to show what we can offer, in a way which both guests and us enjoyed. The experience we gained from the show is beyond invaluable.

Special thanks must be given to all of you who came and spoke to us. We have been, and we will be benefited by all the comments and advice.

Thanks to all ICE staffs, showgirls as well as fellow colleagues for their work. All the efforts being put in accounts for the success of SA Gaming’s grand debut.

Talking about the near future, we are going to exhibit in G2E 2017 at Macau. So see you there!

Everybody here at SA Gaming are absolutely having fun. Are you one of us?

Come to N6-340 and share the joy!

Talking about slots games as one of the specialties, SA Gaming offer various slots with a taste of Asian culture from time to time. Different rules, same enjoyment. Also available on HTML5.

And that concludes Day 2...

As expected, it was a busy day and everybody feels kinda exhausted. Yet the smiles on the faces of those who came to visit us made every bit of our efforts worthwhile.

Tomorrow would be the last day of exhibition, and we hope to meet everyone who have yet to come to our booth at N6-340!

We offer different kinds of live games, including Live Baccarat, Blackjack, e-games, and so on.

Come and try out our games in HTML5 version at our booth!

We always look to build closer partnership with our clients. The Account Management Team consisting of professional fellows provide the best solutions. Informative e-mails are distributed to subscribers, and social media platforms are kept up-to-date.

Why don’t you try subscribing to us and see what we can offer? http://bit.ly/2lmRFFL

Check out SA Gaming’s latest innovation: the Real Model Slots.

Try your luck with these beautiful ladies in themed costumes at N6-340!

A great day comes to a close!

Thanks to the industrious efforts of our fellow team members as well as showgirls, a busy 1st day have eventually come to a close.

We’ve met some really interesting and energetic people who shared with us their invaluable experiences inside and outside the gaming industry.

In case you can’t make it today, take a look at what we did :)

This is it... Welcome to ICE2017!

The wait is over! Come meet us SA Gaming at N6-340! We are more than eager to meet all of you gaming lovers. Don't miss out on the trial of our latest products as well as the Wheel of Fortune!

It’s just 2 hours before the grand opening. We are going through our final checking to ensure a great experience for all our guests.

Hope you enjoy what we have prepared! See you around at #N6-340!

REVEALED – Prizes from the Wheel of Fortune

As the name suggests, the Wheel of Fortune offers 1 out of 5 different prizes for those who participate. Power bank, playing cards, tumbler, ballpen and a nice glass of beer… you just CANNOT miss it.

Reminder: our booth number is N6-340. Don’t forget to leave your business card for us!

We would all expect a huge crowd out there at ICE. In case you cannot find the way to N6-340, you can always follow these ads we’ve placed in ExCeL and find us!

Here are just 2 of our indoor ads. Think you can find all of them?

No more than 6 hours before the show!

This is how our outdoor ads look – a glance of products and our booth number: N6-340. Just look for them in case you forgot where we are!

SA Gaming booth under construction…

These dedicated workers and technicians are working hard on-site setting up the SA Gaming booth. We must express our gratitude to all of them!

See you later at N6-340!

These lovely ladies have just completed their full-day training for ICE 2017. They’re in great shape for the show tomorrow – just like we do.

Remember, it’s N6-340 where we will be waiting for you!

<SA Gaming @ ICE2017 – the ads (2)>

This is how our outdoor ads look – a glance of products and our booth number: N6-340. Just look for them in case you forgot where we are!

<SA Gaming @ ICE2017 – the ads>

We would all expect a huge crowd out there at ICE 2017. In case you cannot find the way to N6-340, you can always follow these ads we’ve placed in ExCeL and find us!

<SA Gaming @ ICE2017 – the booth>

What will our booth in ICE 2017 look like? Would it be classical, post-modern or something that no one could imagine? Feel free to make a guess…

After seeing our showgirls, it's time to have a look on the costume design!

How much do you like those gorgeous ladies in such beautifully designed costume?

Get a closer look at #N6-340!

Showgirls say hello!

As a reminder, ICE 2017 will commence in less than 1 month time. Before that, you may well be interested to take a look at our gorgeous showgirls…

See you at #N6-340!


Stacks of super prizes for the lucky draw have arrived and they are ready to be shipped!

Take them home by taking a spin at #N6-340!

Get excited about ICE 2017 as SA Gaming is giving out loads of surprise gifts at ICE 2017!

To keep the whole thing more surprising, we are only giving a hint of what will be given out!

Come get them at #N6-340!

Merry Christmas!

So, it turned out that the last meeting was for video shooting... Did you get it right?

We were grateful for the hard work of the professional film crew who travelled all the way to our Live Studio and we can't hide our excitement over how fabulous the two videos will look just by feeling the moody vibes from the picture above.

Be sure to visit us at #N6-340 if you are as excited as us about the videos and want to have a chat with us!

Two meetings in a row!

Guess what it was for this time?

More details are coming. Stay tuned!

Tips: take a closer look at the screen

We had such a rewarding meeting yesterday with the three attentive representatives of the booth contractor who have traveled all the way from the UK.

After hours of discussions, we finally agreed on a fabulous design!!!!!!!

Look at how closely they are listening to each other and how busy they are jotting down the key points!

So be sure to visit us at #N6-340 to see how impressed we're going to make you!

Get ready for an amazing team of SA Gaming girls at the show!

We are making difficult decisions choosing between a group of charming models; and meanwhile we are kick-starting costume design for the girls.

Let explode your imagination!

Can you visualize how their sexy curves and perfect skin will be seen in a dress classily designed with some of these pieces of clothes?

Here are the 3 sets of design for our brochure glittering with our new branding features.

All look neat and classy.

Which one do you like the most?

Here we are!

We are so excited to take part in ICE for the first time. We can't wait to actualize a stylish booth to meet and greet all of you!

Please stay tuned!